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I didn't want to hijack your blog, but I did want to respond from the WOHM-side.  Thanks so much, for providing a thought provoking post.




Thank you for doing posting about this, although it had pissed me off (hehe). You are so dead on about how condescending and INSULTING Leslie Steiner is. I have so much to say but I believe you had eloquently explained what most of us Mommies feel about her.


I agree with the last comment. I am as well a stay at home mom, but have not always been one. I worked until I had my second baby so I have been on both sides. I to, worry about things the same as I did when I was working full time. I don't think of it at ALL, as my husband taking care of me since I've been at home with the kids. I am doing what needed to be done in our opinion and I sure as heck do not know any moms with a "breezy, Carol Brady" confidence. This woman has pissed me off.


OK, pardon my rant too, but I'm getting annoyed. Obviously this is just my point of view, I don't pretend to know what everyone else's situation is. I will be a stay at home mom in a few short months. But I don't in any way think of it in a "my husband is taking care of me" sort of way. It's a job just like the one I have now. It's a job that my husband and I both feel needs full time attention and needs to be done by one of us. Since he makes more money than me at his outside of the house job, I will be the one to give up my paying job.

Wasn't the feminist movement about giving women the right to choose their lives? It wasn't about telling women that they MUST have a career and that they shouldn't stay home to care for their families. I am an educated woman, with lots of opportunities. I do trust my husband, but I also know that if something were to happen to him, I can go out and get a job and support myself and my child. Staying at home to raise a child makes the most sense to me, because I don't think that I can be a mom and a career woman and do both of those things well. It doesn't mean that I need someone to take care of me.

Who IS this woman writing this crap? I would go look at her stuff, but I think I'll just get madder.

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