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I'm a 38 year-old stay-at-home mom of one daughter, G. My husband, J, works for himself and I'm in charge of the books. We were lucky to get pregnant with G after one round of IVF.

My husband says he only wants one child. I am having a pretty tough time with this. I'd like a few more (even though that might be pretty hard since I'm not getting younger and it wasn't so easy the first time). I love being a mom and I think I'm pretty decent at it. I'm definitely a more relaxed mom. I don't mind having G watch a little tv (sometimes, a lot). I'm not too caught up in trying to teach her Chinese by the time she's 2 or anything. I just want her to love learning and be happy.

I was diagnosed with A.D.D. a few years ago. I'm disorganized and definitely fall into a hyperfocus trap. I could play on the Internet researching stupid things for days without even moving.

We live in Chicago, in Bucktown. We're planning on staying a city family and just bought a new house with a sidelot (for non-city people, that's a yard, yeah!). We're inheriting a huge Rainbow swingset from the previous owners and I plan on using it to bribe people to visit us.

I used to have a pretty big job for a Fortune 100 company in organizational development and HR. I was happy to leave the commute behind, but sometimes miss having lots of conversations with people who thought I knew what I was doing.

My sister lives close and G loves, loves, loves her daughter. My sister is pregnant with her second baby. My sister is my best and closest friend (not including my husband - he really gets the top spot).

My mom lives a few hours away and is awesome. She lives on a farm and G loves it there.

I hope this blog will be entertaining and interesting for others in similar circumstances!

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