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Meal planning? Oh, I wish I could be so organized. Instead I go into zombie mode in the grocery store and reflexively pick up the same things I get every week. And then I wonder why I don't have the ingredients to make anything different.

Adorable photo!


My firstborn is now 6 and I've been meaning to do a meal plan since he became an eating machine. OK ok, I'm now going to atleast try...hehe

pickles and applesauce...mmmmmm....lol

btw-come my play my contest!


Ugh - meal planning. My intentions are good, but my head is in such a scattered state.


I keep meaning to do meal planning myself, but can't quite get it together.

Her luch sounds fabulous! We have about 5 foods these days, all of which have cheese as a main ingredient. Mac and cheese, cheese ravioli, grilled cheese, hot dog and cheese, quiche. Oh, and, wait for it, cheese quesadilla.

Keep up the good work, my ped swears they come out of it....

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