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WOW on the SAHM comment. When I worked I got vacation. I had an assistant and a team that worked with me. Although I worked long hours and traveled - I was able to eat lunch and have a moment in the powder room by myself. I did make this choice but everyone needs help no matter what they do and everyone needs a vacation or downtime!

Hope you went to Murphys to watch the game it is cold out this afternoon.


Oh dear, I can't read about this without getting mad. So is that guy saying that if you have a stressful busy job you have no right to complain because having a job was a life choice you made? Or if your spouse makes you mad, well tough, because you decided to get married?

I don't necessarily think that SAHM equals prestige. Lots of people choose to do it who can't afford it, because they feel it's the best thing for their families. And it certainly isn't any easier than getting up every day and going to work. In my opinion, it'll be more enjoyable (as I plan to be a SAHM by the end of the year when my baby is due) but not everyone thinks of it as enjoyable.

Gah! I'm not even making sense anymore, but I just wanted to express my support for what you said!

And have fun at the Cubs game!

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