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Chicago Mama Spot

Yes, wasn't the neon trend lovely. My best friend and I used to go buy neon colored Bubble Yum to match the color of our outfits. How cool were we?


I had a skirt just like that. With a big gold safety pin fastening the edges.

If I ever dress my kid as I did in the eighties, please shoot me. I'm sure that neon pink off the shoulder sweatshirts are now punishable by law!


*laugh* What a doll.


The scary thing about your preppie outfit is that I had to wear the exact same outfit except it was required by the Catholic school that I attended. Who knew uniforms could be so stylish?


I think you both are adorable.
I remember wearing the, long in the back, short in the front, shirts. Remember those?
I had a bright yellow one and a bright yellow bow to match. Good Grief, I'm still embarrassed. lololol

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