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we are looking for a house too. tis the season... talk about not being able to agree yikes we have been looking for so long. He wants to leave city I want to stay -meanwhile I didn't get app deadlines right - ahh yes love add. So no school in city. suburb headed. As a freind of mine in DC says those darn schools what do you have to do to get in apply! Convinced city friends have checked out since I am leaving. Burb friends don't believe we will ever beable to agree on a house. I love my house I don't want to leave! How is that for a random vent on a blog I just found. Either can't talk to my friends about it or they are just plain tired about hearing about it. Thanks for the site....


Ohhh, how exciting. We are hunting for a new house, and getting so anxious to find one and move. Nice neighbors are my dream....

I'll just live vicariously through you for the next few weeks :-).

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